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Meet Our Team Members

My journey with Longo’s began when I was a teenager working part time in the bakery department as I was finishing high school. After I graduated from high school, I went on to attend both college and university full time while I remained working at the store part time to help me get through my post-secondary years. My managers were always supportive and accommodating to my school schedule and when school got hectic with the heavy workload and exams, I always knew that my manager would understand if I needed to cut back on my hours. It was the perfect job for me as I was working in an exciting department with colleagues who soon became a second family to me. As I finally finished my last year of university this past spring, luck struck while I was working in the bakery department and was introduced to our Human Resources representative who was present in the store. After speaking with her and discussing how thrilled I was to be done school, yet nervous at the same time about finding a job, she told me to apply at head office and hopefully I could get a position there in my field. A couple of weeks passed when I then got a phone call from Longo’s head office offering me a position closely related to my field! Here I am, almost 4 months later completely enjoying the start of my career and would have never thought that I would be here today when I first entered the doors at Longo’s as a teenager.

I started with Longo’s in July of 1999. To be honest, when I applied to Longo’s I was hoping for nothing more than a job. I had no idea at that time that this was going to become my career. I was hired as a cashier and quickly realized that I was now part of rapidly growing company with plenty of room for growth. It wasn’t long before I was promoted to a Customer Service Representative. At the time I was part time and looking for full time. My manager suggested cross-training into another department were there may be more opportunity. I started training in the salad bar, then I trained into the kitchen, then I trained into produce... you can see where this is going. I loved the challenge of the new environments, and was NEVER bored. After a few years with the company I was offered the position of kitchen captain. I led the kitchen department at our Fairview store for about one year. During that year we went through a renovation which brought so much more to the prepared foods area, including Starbucks (yes I cross-trained into that too), and I was given the position of Prepared Foods Manager. About a year later I was transferred to our Winston Churchill location and was able to develop even further by being exposed to the catering and grocery gateway offerings of Longo’s. After about a year there I was offered a huge opportunity in our downtown small format stores as Department Manager/Specialty Retail. This position is one in which I oversee all fresh departments in the store and report directly to the store manager. This completely new environment has allowed me to learn so much more about the business and company I am a part of and continues, every day, to prepare me for my future within this organization which I couldn’t be more excited about.


I started working with the Company in 1998 while I was in high school. I joined the Head Office as Purchasing Analyst after graduating from College. Since then I have worked as a Marketing Project Manager, Category Manager and currently I am the Director of Bakery and Deli. Longo’s has been a great personal and career journey. I have been able to work in and learn about number different of areas of the business. The work environment at Longo’s encourages me to make a difference and learn. I am given the chance to participate and lead major company initiatives that have impacted the business directly. I am continuously given the opportunity to gain knowledge by travelling, participating in business development seminars, trade shows and internal training programs. I want to bring my best everyday because, I feel that I am directly contributing to the success of the company. It’s great to have the feeling of being part of a family and working with various levels of the business.

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