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Foundation Requests
At this time we are a small Foundation with limited resources. The majority of our funds are already committed each year to strategic charitable partners. We do, however, consider new applications each quarter. In order to keep our charitable giving focused, we have created guidelines outlined below.
How to submit a request for consideration
If you are interested in applying for a partnership with the Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation for funding, please send us your request in writing or by email. Your organization and the request must first meet three criteria:
  1. Match the Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation mission to support children’s and women’s charities with a strong focus on health and fostering a sense of family and community.
  2. Must serve children and women in the local communities of Longo’s stores.
  3. The request should be geared to a specific project rather than for ongoing funding, operational or administrative expenses.
Your request must also include the following:
  • Your organization’s name, address, telephone number, email address, name and title of contact person, and charitable registration number
  • National, provincial, or local affiliations
  • Purpose of your organization and brief summary of the background, those who will benefit and geographical area in which you operate
  • Uniqueness of your organization and or project
  • Goals, objectives and project scope
  • Your expectations of the Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation
  • Names of other corporate donors and amounts pledged or donated
  • Plan for recognition Audited financial statements with Notes and Auditor’s Opinion and a list of your organization’s directors and officers
As a private foundation, we are unable to consider requests from:
  • non-registered charitable organizations
  • individuals
  • organizations seeking sponsorship or advertising (including sponsorship of events or purchasing tables at events/galas)
  • third party organizations
  • political campaigns/candidates
  • groups looking for funds for conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops, sporting events, tables and tickets
  • advocacy groups of a particular religious, social, political or economic point of view
We accept requests at any time. However, our Board meets quarterly to review proposals and make giving decisions. It is at this time that we will contact you if further information is required.
Please send your request to:
The Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation
c/o 8800 Huntington Road
Vaughan, ON L4H 3M6
Attention: Rosanne Longo
To contact us, please email
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